Get Your Business Ready For Staff Returning to Work

Get Your Business Ready For Staff Returning to Work

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Can you afford to have further business interruptions due to staff or visitors bringing illness in to the work environment?

Rapid Deployment Elevated Temperature Screening Station is the answer!


Introduction to the all-in-one detection system

This advance Fever Screening Thermographic Camera system is designed to detect elevated skin temperature to be used for rapid detection the work place environment and is accurate up to +/_ 0.5 degrees Celsius

• Takes just 1 second to detect the skins surface temperature of a person
• Can scan multiple individuals simultaneously
• Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact & adhering to social distancing guidelines protecting you and your co-workers
• Notifies operators immediately on detection
• AI algorithms reduce false alarm from other heat sources

Key Benefits

• Offers an element of confidence to colleagues and visitors that those coming to site are not displaying one of the common traits of carrying an infection “elevated temperature’
• All-in-one unit simply wheel's into location and connects to mains power
• 95% factory configured so minimal on-site configuration is required
• Up & running in less than 90 minutes
• Visual & Audible Alarms
• Intelligent power management
• With battery back up to ensure maximum up time
• Minimal operator training required - intuitive use
• Standalone system that requires no onsite IT support or connection • Remote support via built in 4G or supplied Wi-Fi connection

What Is Elevated Temperature Screening?

Definition of Screening

Screening is a way of finding out if people are at higher risk of a health problem. In this case at a higher risk of having a fever which is a symptom of the Corona Virus.


To keep anyone out of entering the main areas of a building who has a skin temperature over 37.5°C. This is to protect staff and visitors as well as to avoid the costs of having to sanitise a complete building.


Testing of elevated skin temperature at the point of entry of all commercial, retail, education and public spaces.


High Efficiency: Individual screening can be made quickly and requires a low skill level from operators.

Safety: Thermal cameras feature non-contact temperature measurement from about two meters away, avoiding unnecessary physical contact, maintaining social distancing guide lines.

What Is Thermal?


Any object with temperatures above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. A thermal camera converts IR radiation into grayscale values and matches grayscale values to temperature values through an algorithm model.


Thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy can help detect elevated skin surface temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. Thermal cameras can be used for the fever screening of travellers, shoppers, and office workers.


High Efficiency: It takes only one second for a thermal camera to detect temperature of a person, thus allows screening of large numbers of people at a time.

Safety: Thermal cameras feature non-contact temperature measurement from about one meter away, avoiding unnecessary physical contact.

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Advantages of Thermographic Screening Solutions

AI Human Body Detection

Hikvision Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras feature AI human body detection to fix the measurement areas to human bodies, thus reducing false alarms caused by other heat sources.

Embedded Audio Alarms

With a built-in audio module, Hikvision Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras can trigger alarms to notify operators immediately when a person with a fever passes by.

Unique Self-developed Algorithm

Benefitting from Hikvision's self- developed temperature measurement algorithm and big data obtained by lots of cases, the accuracy of temperature measurement is highly reliable.

One-Stop Solution

The Octopus Rapid Deployment Elevated Temperature Screening Station can be up and running in 90 minutes. Minimizing the time onsite by external contractors and without damaging the fabric of the building.

Operational Flow Chart

Operational Flow Chart


This system has been designed to be compact & does not take up much space in entrances to buildings.



• Height :160cm
• Width :47cm
• Depth:45cm
• Weight :22Kg

Camera Setup

Temperature readings are only available in the green zones

If you are interested in the Thermographic Camera System email us at [email protected] or ring us on 01902 744100


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